Clover Station 2018: New, Sleek and Packed with Upgrades

 March 27, 2018

Business today are operating under all new conditions. Long gone are the days of crank-operated cash registers and hand written receipts. Today, increasing demands from connected shoppers and mobile users have changed everything from the buying to the checkout experience. Stores that want to keep up and remain relevant must innovate.

Clover Station is a countertop POS system that helps businesses remain productive while gaining the insights they need to continue leading in their respective markets. Everything from accepting various payment forms, to tracking inventory, managing time sheets and even running reports is possible with Clover.

Now, a longtime wish of users is coming true as Clover Station 2.0 has now been rolled out for use.

This redesigned version includes some long due updates to the hardware side of things like the ability to take chip cards (EMV-ready), a faster processor, a larger screen, and new innovations such as a customer facing display on the printer, and a finger-print scanner.

A major re-design to the software will make Clover 2.0 even better for Full Service Restaurants and multi-location businesses. Full service restaurants will see major upgrades to the “Tables” and “Orders” apps with visual displays to significantly improve and streamline the table management and ordering process. Upgrades to the dashboard will also make it easy to view reports and manage multi-location businesses.

As merchants move into the next generation of shopping experiences they’ll need tools to help them along the way. Clover 2.0 is keeping security, convenience and insights at the forefront.

Bevel is an authorized, independent Clover sales distributor. As a full-service merchant solutions provider, we understand what it takes to win in today’s highly competitive market. If you’re ready to upgrade to a POS system with everything you need, we’re one phone call away!


Bevel Launches BevelPay, a Semi-Integrated Payments and Hosted Gateway to Bring Flexibility, Reliability and Security to In-Store Retail

 January 28, 2018

Bevel, a leading merchant service provider and retail software company that brings personalization and measurement to the offline world, today launched BevelPay Semi-Integrated Payments for Verifone and Ingenico devices, and BevelPay Hosted Gateway for First Data, Vantiv, Chase Paymentech and Worldpay. These new offerings provide retailers with turnkey solutions for EMV, point-to-point encryption (P2PE), processing flexibility and value-added services including customer analytics and personalized marketing.

BevelPay Semi-Integrated Payments routes payment data directly from the PIN pad to the processor, removing the POS from the critical path. Unlike traditional solutions that pass card data through the POS, BevelPay enables the POS to fully delegate payment to the PIN pad. With BevelPay, an IP-connected PIN pad collects tender, requests settlement, and returns a simple approval to the POS. BevelPay PIN pad software drives the in-store user experience, and BevelPay cloud services enable payment routing and a range of value-added services.

Key benefits of BevelPay Semi-Integrated Payments include:

  • Reduced PCI Scope and Improved Security – Because payment data never enters the POS, the POS is fully removed from PCI scope. With the POS out of the payment flow path, BevelPay makes it simple to deploy critical security improvements like P2PE and EMV.
  • Flexibility to Evolve Quickly – Simplifying the communication between the PIN pad and POS makes it easy to deploy new payment and loyalty services. Significantly, the PIN pad becomes an independent device that can be easily upgraded, serving as a powerful point of customer engagement.
  • Robust Device Management – Centralized configuration and remote PIN pad management makes it fast and convenient to deploy software and content updates.

The BevelPay Hosted Gateway provides a robust link from any POS environment to any payment processor. Unlike traditional solutions that require retailers to manage the technical and compliance burden of a direct processor integration or an on-premise server, BevelPay assumes that responsibility. In addition, the BevelPay Hosted Gateway supports a wide range of tender types including credit, debit, EMV, EBT, eWIC, Apple Pay and Android Pay, so retailers can easily accept new and diverse forms of payment.

Key benefits of the BevelPay Hosted Gateway include:

  • Fault-Tolerance and Reliability – With traditional gateways, card data routes through an on-premise server in each store, a costly solution that creates a single point of failure. With BevelPay, card data routes directly to the BevelPay Hosted Gateway, a cloud-based, fault-tolerant solution.
  • Processing Flexibility – BevelPay empowers retailers to select any processor of their choice. Changing processors no longer requires updating in-store devices or recertification — BevelPay simply updates routing preferences.
  • Simplified PCI Compliance – Because BevelPay provides a fully hosted PCI Level 1 Gateway, it simplifies the PCI controls and procedures required of retailers with on-premise solutions.

The combination of Bevel Semi-Integrated Payments and BevelPay Hosted Gateway provide retailers with tremendous flexibility, reliability and enhanced security for their in-store environments. With BevelPay, retailers not only future-proof their payment environment, but also have access to a wide range of value-added analytics, loyalty and personalization services to elevate customer relationships and improve revenue growth.

Bevel has uncovered important trends, from customer preferences and shopping frequency to store performance. This has been incredibly valuable as we expand our business to new locations, since our customers are always our top priority.

Bevel in Canada!

 December 12, 2017

Since we launched Bevel, by far the most frequent piece of feedback we received was: Bevel is great, but you need to make it possible for people outside the US to accept payments.

Starting today, Bevel is publicly available for use by any individual or business based in Canada. It’s the exact same Bevel that we offer in the US: instant approval, all major card types accepted, the ability to accept payments from anyone in any country, and simple, honest pricing, without any hidden fees.

We’ve been testing our service in Canada over the summer. We’re grateful to have received extensive feedback and help from companies including, and Shopify, all of whom have now been using Bevel for a few months. To them and our other beta users: a huge thank you.

In many ways, launching in Canada is a big step for us, going from 1 to 2 is often harder than going from 2 to n—but it’s only a small piece of what we have in mind. At Bevel, our extensive industry knowledge has allowed us to revolutionize the payment processing system, making working with us a seamless experience. We have one goal in mind which is to provide high quality service in a manner that is simple to use for an affordable price.

And so, to those who are not in the US or Canada: we want Bevel to support businesses and individuals anywhere in the world, We’re already working on the next set of countries.

To our friends up north: we’re very excited to work with you.

Discover the Next Generation of Payment Terminals With Clover

 November 27, 2017

Cutting-edge hardware meets state-of-the-art security. As one of the most flexible payment terminals around, Clover gives customers the convenience of paying with multiple payment types and protects their sensitive information–as well as your own–all without the hassle of a big business system. Less clutter. More productivity. Say goodbye to crowded counters and say hello to getting more done. Clover is easy to use on the go and clears the clutter.

Build Your Business on Clover Station.

Clover streamlines your operations with a sleek, customizable solution designed to safely process virtually every payment type quickly and reliably. It also handles core registration functions and can even simplify daily tasks like managing staffing, online orders and deliveries and more.

Business done better.

Clover enables you to handle all of your essential business needs—right out of the box

• Accept more types of payments from magnetic-strip and EMV®-enabled credit and debit cards to Apple Pay® (when you include our secure FD40 Pin Pad)

• Help protect your customers, business and reputation from fraud with built-in Clover Security

• Set up a mobile loyalty and rewards program designed to drive business with Clover Customer Engagement

• Get deeper understanding about your business with Clover Insights

Additional benefits:

• Simple setup lets you start accepting payments immediately

• Continue to accept payments even when your Internet is down

• Clover features more than 150 apps available on the Clover App Market, making it far superior to its square-shaped competitors

• Allows for Ethernet and wireless capabilitie

Your Clover comes pre-installed with a variety of essential tools and applications.  Clover’s cloud-based platform means merchants can manage their store inventory, reporting and back-office information from the Clover device or from their own computer at home, no need to be in the store.  Every Clover devices comes with our Clover Security, which provides tokenization and encryption with every swipe, giving merchants peace of mind their customers are protected.

Clover supports offline transactions, which means merchants can stay up when their internet goes down.  Depending on the device, Clover offers Wi-Fi, Ethernet and 3G/4G data connectivity.  Clover supports a variety of peripherals and accessories as well, including kitchen printers, handheld scanners, weight scales, and more.

Our Clover Support team offers 24/7 customer support 365 days a year.  All Clover call centers are based in the continental U.S.  Merchants can set up Clover in under 15 minutes.  Your Clover comes out of the box configured and ready to take payments with a simple setup!

Accept EBT At My Business

 June 11, 2017

Around the United States, millions of people use electronic benefits transfer (EBT) to participate in the economy. This system allows for instantaneous transfer of government funds to pay for groceries, utilities and many other vital necessities. EBT is one of the most effective and widespread systems for providing relief to ordinary Americans with financial difficulties. Implemented in all states since 2004, this system ensures that people receive their benefits in a fast, secure manner. During economic downturns and protracted recoveries, benefits programs help families maintain basic standards of dignified living.

Over the decades, American public commitment to benefit programs has remained strong. Though disagreements surface about how to best administrate these programs, most Americans are glad to help at-risk groups. Looking at the broader historical picture, it is clear that recipients of government benefits will continue to play an important economic role for many years to come.

EBT is the modern extension of the Food Stamp Program, but has grown beyond what the old program once was. For most of its history, the Food Stamp Program used paper denominated stamps or coupons worth US$1 (brown), $5 (blue), and $10 (green). In the late 1990s, the food-stamp program was revamped, and stamps were phased out in favor of the specialized debit-card system known as Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT). Many states merged the use of the EBT card for public-assistance welfare programs as well. The 2008 farm bill renamed the Food Stamp Program as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (as of October 2008), and replaced all references to “stamp” or “coupon” in federal law to “card” or “EBT.”

Companies that accept EBT payment broaden their customer bases while demonstrating concern for community needs. In any industry, maintaining a good public image is vital for continual development. By facilitating consumers with increased payment options, companies can materially improve their public standing.

More than 40 million Americans now find EBT accepted in their communities and neighborhoods. Many associate electronic benefit cards with the SNAP food assistance program. While the supermarket/grocery industry does deal with electronic benefits on a grand scale, many other industries are implementing EBT card acceptance. People can now use benefits to pay for clothing, laundry, transportation expenses and household goods.

Temporary Aid For Needy Families (TANF) is one federal program that has broadened choices for recipients of benefits. This program provides members with direct cash disbursements to help them get back on their feet. State-based general assistance programs also do much to alleviate need throughout the nation. Every year, program participants inject hundreds of millions of dollars into the economy. Companies that fail to adapt and accept EBT could cut themselves off from an important source of revenue.

At Bevel Payment Solutions, we are the experts in helping your business accept EBT quickly and easily. We have experts standing by to help you incorporate EBT in your methods of payments accepted. If you are looking for ways to increase your profits while building good will with the public, accepting EBT can help you move forward. Here at Bevel, we can expeditiously assess your situation and open your services up to new customers through EBT payments. This EBT acceptance application process is straightforward, transparent and focused on your complete satisfaction. Our trained staff members are ready and able to help you with any questions you may have about merchant services and accepting all forms of electronic payments to help you meet the needs of your customers. Bevel Payment Solutions is a partner you can count on to help your business thrive.

EBT Acceptance can increase your profits and build good will among your customers. And it’s easy to get started. Just contact us and we will walk you through the process and get you signed up.

What is the Difference Between an Authorization Fee and a Transaction Fee?

 May 18, 2017

Whether you’ve had a merchant account for a year or a decade, you may not completely understand each and every rate and fee that’s listed on your merchant statement. From PCI compliance and chargeback fees to interchange and batch fees, there’s a lot to learn, and trying to do so on your own may leave you scratching your head. One thing’s for sure, however: Authorization and/or transaction fees will almost always appear on your monthly credit card processing statement, so knowing what they refer to is imperative.

An Authorization occurs each time your customers debit or credit cards are submitted for payment.

When a consumer uses a credit card to make a purchase, the terminal or POS system will dial out to the processing platform—the organization authorizing the transaction—to confirm the card with the issuing bank and verify the funds are available. This process, which you pay for through an authorization fee, essentially facilitates the transaction.

Once the processing platform ensures the card is in good standing and the funds are accessible, it sends the approved authorization to the merchant service provider, who then completes the sale. Doing so transforms the authorization into an actual transaction. Consequently, your merchant service provider charges you a transaction fee to cover the cost of this process.

Occasionally, however, a card does not get authorized for a transaction, and the card is “declined,” at which point the customer needs to either pay with cash or another card that is able to receive an authorization.

So it is quite common for merchants to have more authorizations than transactions. It is NEVER possible to have a transaction without an authorization.

Most credit card processors charge merchants a fee per Authorization or Transaction.

Because every transaction requires an authorization, many processors simply charge merchants a handful of pennies for each authorization. Other processors simply charge for every transaction. But merchants should look carefully to make sure they’re not getting charged for both authorizations AND transactions. Some processors charge merchants both of these fees as a way of padding their profits.

The average authorization or transaction fee is anywhere from $0.00 to $0.30. But since credit card processing fees vary depending on your merchant service provider, authorization and transaction fees do, too. To find out what your cost per transaction is, take the total amount of fees paid and divide by the number of transactions.

If you’re unhappy with the amount you’re paying, consider contacting other merchant service providers to see if they can offer you a better deal.

Are iPad POS Systems The Future For Retailers?

 February 28, 2017

A lot of retailers may want to, if they have not already, think about installing and implementing a new Point Of Sale (POS) system whereby iPads replace the traditional cash register.

I got to experience this not long ago myself as I went out to buy a yogurt and when I went to pay, there waiting for me was a clerk standing behind an iPad. Caught me completely off guard but I quickly realized this was indeed the future. I didn’t necessarily notice if the transaction was any quicker per se but then again I was the only one in line and I was in small retail location.

Now, if I were say at a stadium that would be a different story. We’ve all experienced the incessant standing in line at a concession stand during a sporting event or concert, etc.

The need for speed is never greater than when you want to get back to the action as fast as humanly possible.

Based upon recent news, I would say the future has arrived on a much larger scale as earlier this year Alabama State University (ASU) stadium became home to the first iPad POS on such a large and grandiose scale. During the very first game of the year, Gourmet Services (the concession vendor at the stadium) put their new iPad POS system to the test and rang up a record 5,721 transactions in just a few hours.

Brian Webb from ASU was very impressed with the iPad IOS system and thinks every stadium can benefit from such a platform. “Definitely every stadium can benefit from something this. Having this kind of system improves our bottom line and saves us time,” he said.

For Alfred Baker, executive vice-president at Gourmet Services, it all comes to time as in time saved on both training and inventory. An iPad POS runs so much faster than the registers we were using before,” said Baker. “In just 30 minutes we had all of our staff trained on the POS. Best of all, we are saving a minimum of five hours a week on inventory. For example, we stocked 10,000 bottles for the game and only sold 3,000. Before the iPad, we would have to count the remaining stock in each stand in order to place the order for the next game. Now I can just check all that from my computer or smartphone at any time, even as the game is in progress. Managing reports for 30 terminals was very time intensive, and with this it’s a breeze.”

I had a chance to dig a little deeper with Lisa Falzone, CEO and co-founder of Revel iPad Systems.

Lisa: People graduate from other digital register apps to our POS platform for several reasons. Business owners are really seeking to streamline every aspect of their business without sacrificing high quality hardware, powerful business intelligence reporting, accessibility of the cloud and the best third party integrations, and that’s where Revel comes in to play. The Revel Systems iPad point-of-sale solution is built with speed, security and accessibility in mind. Since we’ve evolved our solution based on customer feedback, there are many features that our customers love but most owners comment on how our hybrid architecture really sets us apart. We are the only company with “offline mode,” which means we have the speed of a local server but operate with the security and accessibility of the cloud. If you lose power for a minute or your Wi-Fi goes out, you can continue to operate and proceed with business as usual.

Other systems have to sync to the cloud constantly, so they slows down operations. But since we are cloud-based, users can access all of their data from any smart device at any time, and that is having a great impact on the way that our users conduct their business. Since the mobility of our solution gives business owners the peace of mind they need we’ve had managers tell us they were actually able to take a vacation since they were still able to see what their sales reports look like on a Saturday afternoon at 2pm from the beach.

Revel is an extremely and scalable model, so the sky is the limit regarding who is a fit for the system. It has strong footholds in retail, grocery, food services (restaurants, quick-serve, fast food, food trucks, etc.), and events (i.e. Alabama State University and the Orange County Fair), but we worked with some really interesting boutiques as well. In essence, we can work with any vendor or establishment that wants more than just a register. We work with large franchises like Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, retail companies like Beachbody as well as non-profits like Goodwill.

Get More Done With Less Work

 February 28, 2017

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading, now is the time. Liability as a result of fraudulent chip card transactions on non-EMV-compliant terminals are shifting to the merchants.

This Clover Station has a lot.. from managing employees and inventory to serving customers and promoting your business, you’ve got a lot going on. Clover Station lightens that load. It’s the complete business management system that will have you up, running and improving your business in no time.

Clover Station is intuitive, easy to use and equipped with software that will improve your business. It’s customizable to meet your needs so it will make an impact from day one and last for the long run.

Take virtually all kinds of payments, from magnetic stripe, EMV® chip, standard credit and debit cards to contactless payments, straight out of the box. You are able to manage all aspects of your business, from employees to inventory and returns, with advanced software and specialized apps available in the Clover App Market, It also helps keep your and your customers’ information safe with built-in fraud protection from the TransArmor® Solution.

You can set up a digital loyalty and rewards program to drum up new business and keep existing customers coming back and tap into valuable insights about your customers, what they buy and your business, so you can grow your business faster. You are able to access your information from any device.

The hardware itself is attractive, with that sort of sleek, Apple-esque sheen that’s so chic in tech these days. Aesthetics are well and good, but the design goes deeper than that. Those aforementioned colored plugs make setup a breeze, and the high-speed printer that serves as the connection hub lives up to its name. Clover’s stand boasts a smoothly swiveling arm that swings the tablet around to allow customers to sign with their finger; twisting as it rotates, the tablet displays in portrait mode for tip and signature while cashiers operate in landscape. It’s all sturdily built, and the printer has additional USB ports for future expansion. To say the least, the standard bundle gets owners started in style.